The Sea Tease

Michaela DeBenedictis

The Sea Tease is a New England born artist that was crafted in Philadelphia’s music scene and has found a home in Los Angeles; most notably as a regular of the Sunset Strip.

The Sea Tease (born Michaela DeBenedictis) told her father, who was himself an accomplished musician, at age 10 that she wanted to learn to play guitar; after having played bass for two years she was apparently ready for more strings. He reaches into his CD collection and hands her Eric Clapton’s From The Cradle and tells her “If you want to play guitar listen to this and play it.” This ignited a lifelong love of blues that would shape her guitar playing and writing style. By age 11 she was playing rhythm guitar in bands with her father and musicians 4 times her age. This led to beginning a professional music career at age 13 and continued ever since.

The Sea Tease’s lyrics are powerful, emotive and original. Her guitar work is finessed and melodic; a blues player by trade she combines that with classical and jazz experience for a unique sound.

Michaela’s voice, classically trained and bred with seasoned rock roots and natural soul captures the ear and crates an environment to sink into.

An EP is due for release on May 1st. It is produced by Fernando Perdomo, who is in the Netflix movie Echo In The Canyon and has worked with Neil Young, Fiona Apple, Beck and Eric Clapton; and features piano extraordinaire Danny Henry and fellow AOS artist Ty Asoudegan of Fastride.

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“Alive” Single: Listen Now (The first single off of The Sea Tease’s upcoming EP)

The Sea Tease
“I never played with picks because of how clunky they felt in my hand but Anatomy of Sound’s shape and design were a perfect fit. This coupled with the tone they produce and their comfort that lasts all night long was a total game changer for me and I am now a pick convert.”
The Sea Tease

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