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Mico Ong
Manila, Philippines

“Anatomy of Sound picks with their unique design, have been a great help in healing my picking hand. I’ve tried many picks in the past, spending a lot of money to no avail. The first time I tried the AoS pick, its design kinda intimidated me; but when you pick it up, it automatically goes to the playing position without fumbling. This was a breakthrough for me. For the first time I had no pain in my hand and forearm.” [more]

Nick Shaw
South Yorkshire, U.K

“Over the years I have tried literally hundreds of different gauges, materials and sizes of guitar pick. Each time I’ve hit the same problem… longevity! The Heart Beat Jazz, rigid picks have cured this problem. After hours of use these picks still look like new!” [more]

Maxence (Max2matos)
Lyon, France

“The quality is impressive. Techniques like sweeping, string skipping, and fast picking are effortless! The sound on both electric and acoustic guitars is awesome. You can clearly hear the difference! These are the best picks I have tried, and trust me… I tried a lot!” [more]

Kiriakos GP
Alexandroupolis, Greece

“Incredible grip and longevity. Shredding while keeping dynamics smooth and balanced was never easier. AoS guitar picks made my expression and creativity seem effortless.” [more]

Kristen Embers
Ohio, U.S.A.

“Ever since discovering Anatomy of Sound picks I have found that I can not only play faster with ease, but I’m more pleased with the overall tone the picks help me achieve. I’ve finally found what I was looking for with AoS!” [more]

Zach Jeymz
Manila, Philippines

“When I tried the Jazz Heart Beat pick made by Anatomy of Sound… The durability, playability, comfort, and thickness of the pick has lifted my guitar playing to a higher level. It has enhanced my speed, accuracy, and ability to get my signature tone.” [more]

Solomon Kola
London, UK

“Since the moment I picked up the Flexible Bikini Pick, I have never used anything else. The grip is excellent, and I am able to transition between different tones without having to change picks.” [more]

As We Become Ghosts

“These innovative pics have helped our playing dynamics and take us to a whole new level.” [more]

Eric Assarsson
Malmö, Sweden

“I’ve always used the jazz III picks until I tried out the picks from Anatomy Of Sound. I’m now only using the Heart Beat 3D Jazz Picks. These picks really stepped up my playing to the next level!” [more]

Benedict Quinn
London, U.K.

“My favourite plectrums in the world are the Anatomy of Sound Blue Ergonomic plectrum. The way it is shaped is super comfortable and the thickness of the pick really reduces tension in the fingers, which has assisted my recovery with RSI. The sound it produces is strong and warm.” [more]

Milan, Italy

“I was really impressed the first time I tried AoS picks. The tip of the pick allows me to play with extreme agility and precision, getting a clean and brilliant tone from my guitar.” [more]

Yamato Mori
Hokkaido, Japan

“I’ve never been particular about a pick before, but when I came across the Anatomy of Sound 3D Guitar Picks that changed. AoS picks help me play the guitar smoothly and make it easy to control nuance.” [more]

Chris Tras
Nashville, TN

“The AoS Bikini Jazz Pick has incredible grip, longevity, and everyone who touches one can feel the magic! For someone like myself, who is constantly playing, this pick is perfect. I’ll never use another pick again!” [more]

Rafa Souza
Placentia, Orange County, CA

“I fell in love immediately because of the perfect grip. The tone is crystal clear and sharp. The name anatomy fits very well, because it easily molds well to my fingers and it’s very comfortable.” [more]

Brandon Scott Coleman
Cincinnati, OH

“The Heartbeat rigid pick has the punchy articulation I need, a solid grip, and they last a long time unlike picks I had been using in the past!” [more]

Per Berglin
Stockholm, Sweden

“I’ve gone through many different guitar picks during my 17 years as a guitarist, and for the first time ever I feel like I’ve finally found a pick that suits all my needs. The grip of the Heartbeat Jazz Pick is perfect, the tone is well defined, and it responds exactly as I want it to. I love it!” [more]

The Sea Tease
Los Angeles, CA

“I never played with picks because of how clunky they felt in my hand but Anatomy of Sound’s shape and design were a perfect fit. This coupled with the tone they produce and their comfort that lasts all night long was a total game changer for me and I am now a pick convert.” [more]

Cooper Boyd
South NJ

“I like a durable, solid pick that I can use to really dig into the strings with, but also a pick that I can play accurately with. That’s why the Black Heart Beat Jazz picks are perfect for my style.” [more]

Matheus Canteri
Nashville, TN

“When you play with a clean tone, every detail makes a big difference, the Anatomy of Sound 3D Guitar Picks give me the power I need for chicken pickin’ and the grip helps me keep my picking fast and efficient.” [more]

Robert Parker Jr.
Southern California

“The grip is superb and the different sounds you can get between the sharp and round edges give me the perfect pallet to paint my tone. AOS is simply the way to go!” [more]

Matt Stanley
Delran, New Jersey

“When I tried one for the first time I fell in love. The unique shape and design looks wild at first but when you try it, it feels like home.” [more]

Rav Medic
Los Angeles, CA

“I started using the black Heartbeat picks for my Guitar work on the record. It worked so well, I used it for the whole record!” [more]

Theophilus Akai
Evansville, IN

“AoS picks are my go-to, especially when I need precision for West African melodies. The designs truly fill in my grip and can be effortlessly adjusted.” [more]

Jack Devine
Princeton Junction, NJ & Nashville, TN

“These picks bring out the best in your guitar. They add warmth and clarity, while maintaining a comfortable and playable design.” [more]

Graveyard Witch
San Diego, CA

“You can do so much more with these guitar picks than anything out on the market.” [more]

Petter Ekedahl
Hollywood, CA

“My Heartbeat Jazz Pick is beyond anything I’ve ever tried. It’s everything you could wish for when it comes to tone, durability and grip!” [more]

Bee Niranon
Philadelphia, PA

“The second the Heartbeat Jazz pick fell into my hands, it was love at first sight. The pick feels amazing and provides the perfect attack for every note played.” [more]

Hand of Giants
Hollywood, CA

“From the first time I had the pick in my hand I knew it was the right fit. The contour, size, and angle make it the right pick for me. I no longer need to worry about it. Anatomy of Sound got it right.” [more]

Brian Lottermann
Los Angeles, CA

“For bass, I use the black Bikini Power Pick, because it sounds great and is highly responsive. The design is really comfortable and does not tire my hand as much as other picks. For guitar, I love the Bikini Jazz Pick, because it solves issues I found with the Jazz III pick, and made me a true believer in AoS! Highly recommended!” [more]

Kazuki Tokaji
Hollywood, CA

“Anatomy of Sound guitar picks are awesome! The Heartbeat Jazz Pick is perfect for me. It’s comfortable and has nice tone.” [more]

Seb Braganza
Philadelphia, PA

“Anatomy of sound picks are solid and sturdy. The grip on the pick is awesome! It sticks on my finger like glue.” [more]

Donald Waugh
Toronto, ON, Canada

“The most unique guitar pick I have ever used. The 3D Pick from Anatomy of Sound has changed the game big time.” [more]

Long Beach, CA

“I would recommend AoS to any musician.” – Vik Sunday
“Tight grip, exceptional response, long life, and sharp tone. I am hooked.” – Adam Garrett
“I could never find picks that I was truly comfortable with until I found AoS.” – Rock Perez
“Anatomy of sound has knocked it out of the park!” – Danny Stone

Anthony “Fallbrook Kid” Cullins
Fallbrook, CA

“I was amazed by the grip and how comfortable it is. These are great quality picks.” [more]

Mundo Juillerat
Las Vegas, NV

“My “black cheeky” (Rigid Bikini Jazz) pick delivers a warm tone without any of the ‘clackiness’ I get from other performance picks.” [more]

Eddie Cancel
Las Vegas, NV

“If you want a unique pick that will make you a better player, look no further, these picks are it!” [more]

Jamie Dupuis
Ontario, Canada

“The picks are smooth and sexy! I recommend them to any player, beginner to advanced.” [more]

Bob Tigert
Nashville, TN

“I am now a True Believer and dedicated user!!!! They are FABULOUSLY GREAT!!!” [more]

Sydney Maxine
Nashville, TN

“The qualities of these picks are awesome. Each curve was made with great detail, and it shows.” [more]


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