Petter Ekedahl

Petter Ekedahl

Petter Ekedahl is a Swedish blues, pop, and rock guitar player based in Los Angeles. Petter is one of the members in The Tyler Ray Band, a Los Angeles based country band. The Tyler Ray Band is currently working with, 3-time Grammy Award Winner, producer Dave Isaac, 3-time Grammy Award Winner, mixing engineer Barry Rudolph, and Grammy Nominated, engineer TJ Helmerich, for their upcoming EP.

Next to The Tyler Ray Band, Petter is a session guitar player and is playing with multiple artists and bands around the Los Angeles area. Along side his gigging schedule Petter is also spending time recording guitar for several producers and artists around the world.

Petter has been studying guitar and music across the world and graduated from both Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA, and The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London, UK. both from which he graduated with an ‘Outstanding Student Award’. On top of Petters performances studies, he has also studied Musicology at The University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

Through his years of study, Petter has studied with guitar greats such as Allen Hinds, Martin Goulding, and Michael Casswell.

Petter has previously played at world stages as the music competition Eurovision Song Contest, and Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club.

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Petter Ekedahl
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Petter Ekedahl

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