Graveyard Witch

Joe Beath - Graveyard Witch

Graveyard Witch was formed in San Marcos California by lead singer and guitarist Joey Beath and bassist Ramiro Guerrero early 2018. Since then the band has released their EP “Year of the Witch”, toured over 15 states, two countries, and is now working on their second record which will be released off Jstreet Records. G.Y.W are now working on a new record with Brian Wheat of the legendary rock band Tesla.

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Joey Beath
“I’ve always been a pretty straight-forward guitar player, and a standard .73-guage pick guy, but I fell in love with the jazz Heart Beat pick from Anatomy of Sound. Now I don’t use anything else.

AoS picks have several different angles and different gauges all within a single pick. You can do so much more with these guitar picks than anything out on the market. No matter what style you’re playing, these guitar picks are king to all else.”

Joey Beath, founder of Graveyard Witch

Joey Beath uses: