Maxence (Max2matos)

Maxence (Max2matos)

Maxence a.k.a.(Max2matos), is a 32 year old guitarist hailing from Lyon, France. He began learning guitar at age sixteen, with an old Ibanez SG MIJ. By age seventeen Max had joined his father’s band, where he learned around 100 songs in just 6 months.

Known to many as Max2matos, his main influences are Steve Stevens, Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen, and Craig Ross.

Max was a finalist in both the Emergenza contest, and the Rock Event 95. He has performed at many venues in Paris including: Gibus Club, New Morning, Boule Noire, L’Européen (Théâtre de l’Européen), Paris Observatory (l’Observatoire de Paris), and many others.

In 2014 Max released an EP with the band “The Punchies”.

As a true gear addict, Max’s collection contains 30 guitars, 15 amps, almost 100 pedals, and countless accessories. His pick of choice hadn’t changed since 2011, but immediately changed when he got his hands on the 3D Heart Beat Jazz picks by Anatomy of Sound. Max prefers them due to their comfort, sound quality, and ergonomics.

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Instagram: @max2matos
YouTube: Max2Matos

Maxence (Max2matos)
“The quality is impressive. Licks that are hard to play seem to be easier. Techniques like sweeping, string skipping, and fast picking are effortless! The sound on both electric and acoustic guitars is awesome. You can clearly hear the difference! The sound is deep, warm, and dynamic! These are the best picks I have tried, and trust me… I tried a lot!”
Maxence (Max2matos)

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