Bikini Jazz
6 Pack
Rigid – Special


Contains 6 Ebony Rigid Bikini Jazz picks
Products are injection molded and hand-finished with pride.
Hand finished product may vary.

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Brian Lottermann
“I use the black Bikini Power Pick when I’m playing bass with a pick because these picks not only sound great and are highly responsive, but the design is really comfortable and does not tire the hand as much as regular picks. When I’m playing guitar, I love using the Bikini Jazz Pick because it solves the issues I found with the Jazz III pick, and has made me a true believer in AoS! Highly recommended!”
Brian Lottermann

Features and benefits:

➢ Convex and Concave Curves Provide:

  • Increased surface area
  • Consistent contact
  • Smoother release or increased attack

➢ Internal Dimension Provides:

  • Improved grip
  • Alternate grips
  • Grip reference points
  • Reduced fatigue

➢ Three Different Playing Tips Provide:

  • Optional grips
  • Grip angles
  • Stroke angles
  • Variable stiffness or flex
  • Attack alternatives

➢ Rapidly Alternate Grip and Attack for:

  • Desired dynamics
  • Picking or strumming
  • Comfort

Danny Stone
“I can’t believe something so simple as a guitar pick can be improved upon so drastically. The tone, comfort and playability are incomparable to anything else out there by far. Anatomy of sound has knocked it out of the park!”
Danny Stone – Eclipsica (Vocals)

Vik Sunday
“For the past 2 years I have been an avid user of Anatomy of Sound picks and I wouldn’t go back to any other brand. Quality, solidity, efficiency and overall performance are the reasons why AoS is my number one brand of choice. Since making the switch to AoS picks, my practice and gigging performances have greatly improved. I would recommend AoS to any musician.”
Vik Sunday – Eclipsica (Guitar)

Adam Garrett
“To put it simply, these picks are better. Tight grip, exceptional response, long life, and sharp tone. I was hooked the first time I felt one in my hand.”
Adam Garrett – Eclipsica (Guitar)

Rock Perez
“I could never find picks that I was truly comfortable with until I found AoS. This 3D style pick just sits perfectly and creates ultimate comfort.”
Rock Perez – Eclipsica (Lead Bass)

Mundo Juillerat
“I love the Rigid Bikini Jazz for shredding gypsy jazz/flamenco on acoustic. I like the grip and comfortable ‘slot’ for my index finger. The smooth action of the pick tip and sides makes me confident when I ‘pick slant’ shred on electrics. Above all, tone is the deciding factor for me on acoustic guitars. It delivers a warm tone without any of the ‘clackiness’ I get from other performance picks.

I also use the Smooth Bikini Guitar for general strumming and lighter lead lines on acoustic. This pick produces a very dynamic sound. The grip feels bigger than the tip allowing me more control and accuracy. A plus for the studio!

I use Anatomy of Sound picks with the Hot Club of Las Vegas, in studio, and nightly in the Le Reve show Las Vegas.”
Mundo Juillerat

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