Bikini Jazz
3 Pack
Mixed – Special


Contains 1 Ebony Rigid, 1 Bronze Flex, and 1 White Alabaster Smooth Bikini Jazz picks
Products are injection molded and hand-finished with pride.
Hand finished product may vary.

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Chris Tras
“For years I used Dunlop Jazz picks, I thought I had found the perfect pick. That’s until I met Larry. He let me try his bikini jazz pick and I was instantly in love! The pick has incredible grip, longevity and everyone who touches one can feel the magic! For someone like myself, who is constantly playing, this pick is perfect. I’ll never use another pick again!”
Chris Tras

Features and Benefits:

➢ Convex and Concave Curves Provide:

  • Increased surface area
  • Consistent contact
  • Smoother release or increased attack

➢ Internal Dimension Provides:

  • Improved grip
  • Alternate grips
  • Grip reference points
  • Reduced fatigue

➢ Three Different Playing Tips Provide:

  • Optional grips
  • Grip angles
  • Stroke angles
  • Variable stiffness or flex
  • Attack alternatives

➢ Rapidly Alternate Grip and Attack for:

  • Desired dynamics
  • Picking or strumming
  • Comfort

Seb Braganza
“Anatomy of sound picks are solid and sturdy. The grip on the pick is awesome! It sticks on my finger like glue. Some of the benefits of the picks are tremolo picking and palm mute. When I use all these features, I don’t need to worry about shredding at all. I’m always excited to use this pick.”
Seb Braganza

Eddie Cancel
“Anatomy of Sound picks are like no other guitar pick I have ever used. My favorites are the jazz picks. They are very responsive, have great release, and tone. If you want a unique pick that will make you a better player, look no further, these picks are it!”
Eddie Cancel

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