Per Berglin

Per Berglin

Per Berglin is a Swedish Freelance Guitar Player/Producer with experience in a wide variety of genres, including everything from blues, rock and country to pop, hip hop, and R&B.

Born and raised in a musical family, he first picked up the guitar at 6 years old, and has played in a lot of different musical contexts since. He is currently based in the city of Stockholm, where he studied musicianship at RML, one of the country’s top music schools.

Per has recently toured nationally in Sweden, as well as internationally, with up-and-coming pop artists ORKID and Amille. Throughout his years as a musician he’s had the honor to share the stage with some of his favourite musicians, for example Swedish funk rock great Paulo Mendonca and Chicago bluesman Toronzo Cannon.

When he’s not on the road he’s mainly producing and doing session work for Swedish pop and hiphop artists, such as Martin Masarov and bêlla.

Look out for his upcoming solo releases in the near future!

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Instagram: @perberglin

YouTube: PerBerglin

Per Berglin
“I’ve gone through many different guitar picks during my 17 years as a guitarist, and for the first time ever I feel like I’ve finally found a pick that suits all my needs. The grip of the Heartbeat Jazz Pick is perfect, the tone is well defined, and it responds exactly as I want it to. I love it!”
Per Berglin

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