Jack Devine

Jack Devine

Jack Devine is an American rock guitar player from Princeton Junction, NJ, heavily influenced by Eddie Van Halen, and currently based in Nashville, TN.

Jack’s love for music started at a very young age. He studied at Berklee College of Music and is currently enrolled at Belmont University in Nashville, studying Commercial Guitar and Audio Engineering.

Jack has been involved with various bands in both Nashville and Princeton Junction, as well as session work. This past April he toured with country singer Luke Pell, and will be performing in Nashville this Fall, with rising country pop singer Clara Park.

“If you want your tone to be the best it possibly can, then you need to use AoS picks. It’s that simple.” – Jack Devine

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Jack’s former band, Powerhouse released a rock EP, which is available on Apple Music and other streaming platforms.

Apple Music:
Powerhouse EP

Jack Devine
“I currently use the flexible Heart Beat and Bikini picks because they have all of the flex I like from a thin pick but all the tone I love from an AoS pick!”
Jack Devine

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