Chris Tras

Chris Tras

Chris Tras is a Nashville based guitarist, songwriter, session musician and business owner. Originally from New Jersey, Chris moved to Nashville in Jan 2018 to pursue his lifelong dream of being a musician. Since the move, he has played numerous shows, toured with southern rock band Alabama Rose, worked on several albums and in April 2020 started his own business, Tres Audio.

Chris’ love for guitar based rock music began with the video game, Guitar Hero. All he wanted to do was play like Slash. On his 13th birthday he received his first guitar. Determined to improve, he would often spend hours learning songs, practicing scales and writing his own music. He quickly formed a band and started gigging not even a full year after getting his first guitar.

Chris has gone on to play with several other bands, both original and cover, throughout NJ/NY and Philly. He has logged several hundred local shows, headlined Daytona Bike Week 2016 with metal band Sick Intent, made an appearance on the popular TV show Mixtape Nation with Baxton, and recorded an EP with Princeton based alternative band The Antics.

By the time he was 16 Chris had already played hundreds of shows across the tri-state area, headlined festivals, and recorded an EP with his band Defiance. It was around this time he began attending School of Rock Princeton to further his guitar knowledge. Taken under the wing of talented guitarist and fellow AoS artist, Ty Asoudegan, he saw exponential growth in his playing.

Now in Nashville, Chris finds himself busy between session work, his new band Shatterhead, and his brand new business. If he’s not recording you can find him at band practice or at his work bench tinkering on guitars and pedals.

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Chris Tras
“For years I used Dunlop Jazz picks, I thought I had found the perfect pick. That’s until I met Larry. He let me try his bikini jazz pick and I was instantly in love! The pick has incredible grip, longevity and everyone who touches one can feel the magic! For someone like myself, who is constantly playing, this pick is perfect. I’ll never use another pick again!”
Chris Tras

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