Benedict Quinn

Benedict Quinn

Benedict Quinn is a jazz guitarist and electronic producer based in London and Devon, U.K.

The 20-year-old is currently studying Jazz at the Royal Academy of Music whilst exploring the wild music scene London has to offer, making a name for himself in the electronic scene as well.

Aside from his studies, Benedict can be found creating sounds and making music with a variety of collaborators creating sounds soon to be shared with the world.

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Instagram: @benedictquinn

Benedict Quinn
“My favourite plectrums in the world are the Anatomy of Sound Blue Ergonomic plectrum. The way it is shaped is super comfortable and the thickness of the pick really reduces tension in the fingers, which has assisted my recovery with RSI. The sound it produces is strong and warm.”
Benedict Quinn

Benedict is one of the AoS artists who have been testing our new products. His favorite is our new prototype pic (coming soon), which is specifically designed to optimize the ergonomic benefits, while maintaining the incredible playability of the Heart Beat Jazz pics.