As We Become Ghosts

As We Become Ghosts

As We Become Ghosts (A.W.B.G) was a project that’s seed was planted in early 2018 by artist/writer Mickeyratt, originally writing and recording rough demos of a few songs to put out to attract other musicians to be in the project.

Steve Kholer on the Bass was first to believe in what this project/band would become. Together Mickey and Steve started on a long quest to find the best drummer and lead Guitar player available. After trying many seasoned and amazing guitarists we still did not feel they fit the exact part that A.W.B.G. needed to be extra special.

After a long and frustrating search Lead Guitarist Alex Fysz entered the scene in 2019, by pure luck. Alex was recommended to Mickeyratt for a tattoo. While meeting for a consult it was revealed that Alex was Guitar player. The conversation switched rapidly to influences. It was a match made by destiny.

The three continued to search for just the right drummer, to breath life into this now no longer project but rather a band of brothers. We had our eye on drummer extraordinaire Phil Wax for a while. He had recently become available, and we approached him about coming aboard. Phil learned a Few of our songs and was over to our private studio to try out within days. We all knew at that moment of the audition that A.W.B.G was destined for greatness.

Mickeyratt knew from the start that he wanted this to be a band and not just a solo project. Together the band started rehearsing vigorously writing and creating original music that has influences that span from the 70s to the 2000s. It is our goal to write (A) side songs; where any one of our songs could be the single that would take us to the top. While tackling many issues in our writing, involving: addiction, relationships, suicide, death and other painful struggles, with an upside of hope.

A.W.B.G is climbing the ladder fast and receiving much interest from the public at large. We released a rehearsal video of two songs as a teaser to an upcoming show that received close to 3000 views in under a month, with many viewers sharing and reposting. A.W.B.G is currently in the studio working on a full length album, working on a few videos to be released and booking shows.

We will see you all at the top… better yet, why don’t you all just come along for the ride with us it’s gonna be a hell of a journey!

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As We Become Ghosts
“We are humble and grateful to be a part of the Anatomy of Sound family. These innovative pics have helped our playing dynamics and take us to a whole new level.”
As We Become Ghosts

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