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Brian Lottermann

Brian Lottermann

“I use the black Bikini Power Pick when I’m playing bass with a pick because these picks not only sound great and are highly responsive, but the design is really comfortable and does not tire the hand as much as regular picks. When I’m playing guitar, I love using the Bikini Jazz Pick because it solves the issues I found with the Jazz III pick, and has made me a true believer in AoS! Highly recommended!” [more]

SoundWaves Pick

Soundwaves Pick Features

The SoundWaves pick design allows for double strikes on the same, adjacent, or alternate strings. This is great for arpeggios and strumming, producing a full rich sound. Easily switch technique and interval by twisting the pick or simply tilt it to use a single tip for a standard sound.

Seb Braganza Pick Review

Above: Seb Braganza unboxes his new Anatomy of Sound 3D Guitar Picks.
Video courtesy of Seb Braganza

Above: Seb Braganza Reviews Anatomy of Sound 3D Jazz Picks.
Video courtesy of Seb Braganza

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