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Eddie Cancel Eddie Cancel - "Anatomy of Sound picks are like no other guitar pick I have ever used. My favorites are the jazz picks. They are very responsive, have great release, and tone. If you want a unique pick that will make you a better player, look no further, these picks are it!"
Anthony Cullins Anthony Cullins - "As soon as I tried out the Rigid Jazz Pick I was amazed by the grip and how comfortable it is. These are great quality picks."
Bob Tigert Bob Tigert - "When I put a stake in the ground and used it exclusively, I realized how good this pick is - thank you thank you thank you - for your product! I am now a True Believer and dedicated user!!!! They are FABULOUSLY GREAT!!!"
Sydney Maxine Sydney Maxine - "I am able to hold the pick without ever dropping it. Whether you are playing rhythm or doing solos that day, the pick is meant for both. The material the pick is made out of, gives the strum a bright tone. It comes out and through monitors beautifully… such a subtle yet amazing tone difference between picks that I have used in the past."