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Sydney Maxine Sydney Maxine (6/30/2016) -
"The qualities of these picks are awesome. Each curve was made with great detail, and it shows." [more]
Bob Tigert Bob Tigert (9/30/2016) -
"I am now a True Believer and dedicated user!!!! They are FABULOUSLY GREAT!!!" [more]
Jamie Dupuis Jamie Dupuis (1/20/2017) -
"The picks are smooth and sexy! I recommend them to any player, beginner to advanced." [more]
Eddie Cancel Eddie Cancel (1/20/2017) -
"If you want a unique pick that will make you a better player, look no further, these picks are it!" [more]
Ty Asoudegan Ty Asoudegan (1/20/2017) -
"I use the Rigid Bikini Power Pick because it's so easy to hold onto. They last long!!" [more]
Mundo Juillerat Mundo Juillerat (1/27/2018) -
"My "black cheeky" (Rigid Jazz) pick delivers a warm tone without any of the 'clackiness' I get from other performance picks." [more]
Anthony Cullins Anthony “Fallbrook Kid” Cullins (2/14/2018) -
"I was amazed by the grip and how comfortable it is. These are great quality picks." [more]
Eclipsica Eclipsica (2/28/2018) -
"Talk about grip it, and rip it!" - Ashton Cruz
“Anatomy of sound has knocked it out of the park!” - Danny Stone
Donald Waugh Donald Waugh (6/18/2018) -
"The most unique guitar pick I have ever used. The 3D Pick from Anatomy of Sound has changed the game big time." [more]