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Sydney Maxine Sydney Maxine (6/30/2016) -
Nashville, TN

"The qualities of these picks are awesome. Each curve was made with great detail, and it shows." [more]
Bob Tigert Bob Tigert (9/30/2016) -
Nashville, TN

"I am now a True Believer and dedicated user!!!! They are FABULOUSLY GREAT!!!" [more]
Jamie Dupuis Jamie Dupuis (1/20/2017) -
Ontario, Canada

"The picks are smooth and sexy! I recommend them to any player, beginner to advanced." [more]
Eddie Cancel Eddie Cancel (1/20/2017) -
Las Vegas, NV

"If you want a unique pick that will make you a better player, look no further, these picks are it!" [more]
Ty Asoudegan Ty Asoudegan (1/20/2017) -
Hollywood, CA

"I use the Rigid Bikini Power Pick because it's so easy to hold onto. They last long!!" [more]
Mundo Juillerat Mundo Juillerat (1/27/2018) -
Las Vegas, NV

"My "black cheeky" (Rigid Bikini Jazz) pick delivers a warm tone without any of the 'clackiness' I get from other performance picks." [more]
Anthony Cullins Anthony “Fallbrook Kid” Cullins (2/14/2018) -
Fallbrook, CA

"I was amazed by the grip and how comfortable it is. These are great quality picks." [more]
Eclipsica Eclipsica (2/28/2018) -
Long Beach, CA

“Anatomy of sound has knocked it out of the park!” - Danny Stone
"Talk about grip it, and rip it!" - Ashton Cruz
Donald Waugh Donald Waugh (6/18/2018) -
Toronto, ON, Canada

"The most unique guitar pick I have ever used. The 3D Pick from Anatomy of Sound has changed the game big time." [more]
Seb Braganza Seb Braganza (11/14/2018) -
Philadelphia, PA

“Anatomy of sound picks are solid and sturdy. The grip on the pick is awesome! It sticks on my finger like glue." [more]
Kazuki Tokaji Kazuki Tokaji (12/4/2018) -
Hollywood, CA

“Anatomy of Sound guitar picks are awesome! The Heartbeat Jazz Pick is perfect for me. It's comfortable and has nice tone." [more]
Brian Lottermann Brian Lottermann (12/9/2018) -
Los Angeles, CA

"I use the black Bikini Power Pick when I'm playing bass with a pick because these picks not only sound great and are highly responsive, but the design is really comfortable and does not tire the hand as much as regular picks. When I'm playing guitar, I love using the Bikini Jazz Pick because it solves the issues I found with the Jazz III pick, and has made me a true believer in AoS! Highly recommended!" [more]
Hand of Giants Hand of Giants (12/16/2018) -
Hollywood, CA

"From the first time I had the pick in my hand I knew it was the right fit. The contour, size, and angle make it the right pick for me. I no longer need to worry about it. Anatomy of Sound got it right.” [more]
Bee Niranon (1/24/2019) -
Philadelphia, PA

“The second the Heartbeat Jazz pick fell into my hands, it was love at first sight. The pick feels amazing and provides the perfect attack for every note played." [more]
Petter Ekedahl Petter Ekedahl (2/18/2019) -
Hollywood, CA

“My Heartbeat Jazz Pick is beyond anything I've ever tried. It's everything you could wish for when it comes to tone, durability and grip!" [more]
Jack Devine Jack Devine (5/13/2019) -
Princeton Junction, NJ & Nashville, TN

“These picks bring out the best in your guitar. They add warmth and clarity, while maintaining a comfortable and playable design." [more]
Theophilus Akai Theophilus Akai (5/28/2019) -
Evansville, IN

“AoS picks are my go-to, especially when I need precision for West African melodies. The designs truly fill in my grip and can be effortlessly adjusted." [more]