Sydney Maxine

Sydney Maxine

“Anatomy of Sound guitar picks are definitely one of a kind. With their unique design in both the Soundwave pick, along with the Bikini design. Both have such unique quality to them.

The Bikini designed pick is my favorite. I am able to hold the pick without ever dropping it, because of the thumb and finger grip the pick has. It also has a thin side along with a thick side. So whether you are playing rhythm or doing solos that day, the pick is meant for both. Also, the material the pick is made out of, gives the strum a bright tone. It comes out and through monitors beautifully… such a subtle yet amazing tone difference between picks that I have used in the past.

The Soundwave pick is AWESOME as well. While the pick is structured on two different levels, it hits a single string twice on the way down because of its curvature, kind of making it sound like you are playing a 12 string.

The qualities of these picks are awesome. Each curve was made with great detail, and it shows.”

Sydney Maxine
Singer/Songwriter – Nashville

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Sydney is currently testing our next generation picks.