Seb Braganza

Seb Braganza

Sebastien “Seb Shredder” Braganza is an 11 year old guitar prodigy from Philadelphia. He began playing at just 7 years old, when his father bought him a small Fender Squire from a local pawnshop. Being a big Metallica fan, Seb began taking guitar lessons from Anthony Buday, a lead guitarist with the band Orion (a Metallica tribute band). After enrolling at the School of Rock Philadelphia, Seb met his mentor Ty Asoudegan of Fastride and Hand of Giants, who introduced him to blues, jazz, progressive and classic rock, metal, and a variety of other music genres. Seb was featured in a 2018 commercial for the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles. He is currently active with his band Steel Crows and collaborating with his friend Felipe Santos a drummer, prodigy from New Jersey. Seb is continuing his guitar lessons with New York guitarist Rob Balducci. Rob is an artist on Steve Vai’s record label Favored Nations Entertainment, and a member of the Ibanez family.

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Watch Seb Braganza’s video review of the Anatomy of Sound Jazz Picks.

Seb Braganza“Anatomy of sound picks are solid and sturdy. The grip on the pick is awesome! It sticks on my finger like glue. Some of the benefits of the picks are tremolo picking and palm mute. When I use all these features, I don’t need to worry about shredding at all. I’m always excited to use this pick.”
Seb Braganza

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