Rafa Souza

Rafa Souza

Hailing from Brazil, Rafa Souza is a freelance guitarist, guitar instructor, and producer who is expert in many genres.

Recently, Rafa was chosen by Tim Ripper Owens (Lead vocalist for Judas Priest and Iced Earth), as the guitar player for his 2019 South American Tour.

Rafa Souza has a studio (RS STUDIOS), where he works exclusively on sound-tracks, voiceovers and audio for advertisement.

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Instagram: @rafa_souza_gt

Website: rafasouza.com

Rafa Souza“I fell in love immediately because of the perfect grip. The tone is crystal clear and sharp. The name Anatomy fits very well, because it easily molds well to my fingers and it’s very comfortable. I appreciate and I am happy being a part of this family.”Rafa Souza

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