Mundo Juillerat

Mundo Juillerat

“I love the black “cheeky” jazz pick (Rigid Bikini Jazz) for shredding gypsy jazz/flamenco on the acoustic. I like the grip and comfortable ‘slot’ for my index finger. The smooth action of the pick tip and sides makes me confident when I ‘pick slant’ shred on electrics. Above all, tone is the deciding factor for me on acoustic guitars. My “black cheeky” delivers a warm tone without any of the ‘clackiness’ I get from other performance picks.”

“I also use the white “big cheeky” standard pick (Smooth Bikini Guitar) for general strumming and lighter lead lines on acoustic. This pick produces a very dynamic sound. The white standard pick grip feels bigger than the tip allowing me more control and accuracy. A plus for the studio!”

“I use Anatomy of Sound picks with the Hot Club of Las Vegas, in studio, and nightly in the Le Reve show Las Vegas.”

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