Cooper Boyd

Cooper Boyd

Cooper Boyd picked up the guitar at the age of 9 and hasn’t looked back since. After hearing Randy Rhoads for the first time, he quickly became heavily influenced by the shred gods of 70s and 80s glam metal. He formed the North NJ band Lunatic Fringe, who were notorious for their over the top theatrical shows and eccentric, genre bending music.

Lunatic Fringe has since disbanded… but you can still find Cooper tearing it up in South NJ, and Philly with his current 80’s glam rock tribute band Arena Gods and other various artists as a hired gun. Keep your eyes out for more original music from Cooper soon!

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Instagram: @coopey_the_lunatic

Spotify: The Freakshow by Lunatic Fringe

Cooper Boyd“I like a durable, solid pick that I can use to really dig into the strings with, but also a pick that I can play accurately with. That’s why the Black Heart Beat Jazz picks are perfect for my style.”
Cooper Boyd

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