“When you feel comfortable, you play better, and AoS guitar picks are the most comfortable on the market. They make a more natural playing experience that doesn’t get in the way of you and your guitar.”

Ben Cote : The Ben Cote Band

Drawing inspiration from music, culture, art, nature, and design from around the world; California based Anatomy of Sound has created a new way to make music by taking the guitar pick to new dimensions.

We are dedicated to:

  • Providing musicians with the finest guitar picks.
  • Development of unique 3D designs.
  • Quality products made with superior materials.
  • Providing exceptional feel and playability,
  • Producing signature sounds and superior tone.

We provide tools that:

  • Inspire you to play
  • Aid in the advancement of skills
  • Challenge you to experiment and have fun!

“I can’t believe something so simple as a guitar pick can be improved upon so drastically. The tone, comfort and playability are incomparable to anything else out there by far.”

Danny Stone : Eclipsica

“It felt great, it fit great, it worked great, and I loved playing with this pick!”

Bob Tigert : Producer, Arranger, Singer, Player, Performer ~ Nashville, TN